The Monday Night Band

Blues Fusion, Funk, Rock, Soul

The Monday Night Band has been performing along the Front Range of Colorado since 2014. From the musical influences of jazz, fusion, blues, soul, rhythm and blues, funk, prog rock, and even a little salsa, their music is innovative, unique, energetic, and creative - a real musical treat. Their mind-meld of sound covers 50+ years of combined music experience and professional playing in Colorado and beyond. 

"When you set out to find “like-minded” musicians it's often surprising how disparate those musicians can be, and yet still be 'like-minded'. That is essentially the very short story of The Monday Night Band.  The long story is very disjointed, ridiculously funny, and difficult to summarize. So what type of music would these people create?  Something unique."

- Chuck Landgraf


Photographer: John Crane

Musicians: Michael Olson, Chuck Landgraf, Randy Miotke, Trisha Adams and Joe McHugh The Monday Night Band

Venue: Avogadro's Number, Fort Collins, CO